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Since 1977
Import & Export 


Trade - Import and Export - Equipment - machinery and equipment and production lines - Road transport - heavy equipment - cranes - Xahat - Clarkat - Eyeballs loading and unloading - transport containers - Selling Containers

ALSHEHABCONTRACTING&TRADE&For import and export and transport

The company was founded in 1977 in the Arab Republic of Egypt in Alexandria

Founded by Engineer / Mohamed Fathy Saleh

Member of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce: 90275 / 1977

The company works in:

General contracting

General trade

General Supplies

Importing all production lines, machinery and machinery

Supply and installation

Export all Egyptian products and sugar cane

The company has implemented several projects in the Arab countries

Efficient and high quality

The company deals with major international companies

ALSHEHABCONTRACTING&TRADE&For import and export and transport, 12 Street Mrmeuan - Azarita - Alexandria, ALexandria, Egypt, 21131, ALexandria
12 Street Mrmeuan - Azarita - Alexandria
ALexandria Egypt 21131 ALexandria

Hours of operation:
9 am to 5 pm
Weekend: Friday

Mobile : +201221962821

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